quinta-feira, janeiro 25, 2007

Playlist 25-01-07

1ª Hora:

Bonobo - Recurring
Sofa Surfers - Sofa Rockers
Boozoo Bajou - 9 Below Zero
Hidden ID - Afro Dub
Coldcut - Walk A Mile In My Shoes (Henrik Schwarz Mix)
Nightmares On Wax - I Am You
Peace Orchestra - Who Am I
Dorfmeister & Noiseshaper - Movin´Together
Boards Of Canada - Sixtyniner
Deep In - In The Summer Time

2ª Hora

Clara Hill - Paper Chase ft. Vikter Duplaix
Voom Voom - Baby
Markus Enochson - Love Is The Way
Royksopp - Beautiful Day Without You
Joakim - Are You Vegetarian
Luomo - Wanna Tell
Amê - Basic Track
The Rapture - Get Myself Into It
Playgroup - Make It Happen
Waldeck - Cat People Dub ft. Jung Collective
Herbert - oo Licky

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Anónimo disse...

parei aki procurando coisas no google e se vc gosta de chill out vai curtir um documentari q acabei de trombar tamem no myspace.com/dubechoes. paulo