terça-feira, março 13, 2007

Playlist Deep Café - RCB [13-03-07]

Marsmobil - Je Suis Lache
Jazzamor - Travel In Order Not To Arrive
Yasmine - Sunrise Ruby
Boozoo Bajou - Camioux (Melodica Mix)
Federico Aubele - Diario De Viaje (Calexico Mix)
Air - Photograph
Clara Hill ft. Thief - Morning Star
Ursula Rucker - Humbled
Paul Hunter - Paul´s Pal
Mo´Horizons - Dance Naked Under Palmtrees
Kinobe - Slow Motion

Bonobo - Days To Come
Husky Rescue - New Light Of Tomorrow
Blank & Jones - I Love You
Quantic - Wider Than The Sky
Vikter Duplaix - Nothing Like Your Touch
Pretz - Round Blue Glass
Nacho Sotomayor - Alma
Parov Stelar - For All We Know
Mr.Scruff - So Long
Thievery Corporation - The State Of The Union

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